you're investing in me and i'm invested in your love story. you're investing in me and i'm invested in your love story. you're investing in me and i'm invested in your love story. you're investing in me and i'm invested in your love story. you're investing in me and i'm invested in your love story. 

investing in your photographer is a serious comittment, and I know how tinder-y this is gonna sound, but i'm just hoping you swipe right.

you're investing in me, and i'm invested in your love story.

you deserve photos
that make you ugly cry.

ralph + shannon

These were everything I could have dreamed of and so so sooooo much more brought tears to my eyes. 
I told ralph I wish we could've relived this day, and you gave me that gift in these photos. Eternally grateful to you, your talent, and love you put into capturing each and every detail of our day.

Tammara, Tammara, Tammara.. I know I said I'd write you a book of my thoughts, but I genuinely don't have words for yo. The way you captured our day, nevermind our love, has left me absolutely speechless.

"absolutely speechless."


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"Above and beyond our wildest expectations."

love notes

photo collections

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Imagine you + your lover have a little date night all while i'm third wheelin' and capturing those crinkled nosed, wide smiled, tripping over eachother laughs and sunset walks along the beach. Maybe you just got engaged, how about a celebratory champagne pop? 
Couple sessions and engagement sessions can be as creative or as simple as you'd like them to be, whether you want photos done at the bar you met at in college, or you wanna grab roller skates and roll off into the sunset. These sessions are so versatile! Once booked you'll recieve a full couples session guide that includes everything from outfit tips, props, locations, and MORE! 

couples + engagements 

i want you!

Your BIG day is a BIG deal. When investing in your wedding photographer, it's important that you invest in someone who is dedicated to making sure you have a stress-free and honest experience. The beautiful photos is just a bonus. My intention with the wedding packages are to make sure you get the most out of your photography experience with me. To get in on the action inquire below for a full investment guide.
(Engagement sessions are included in ALL wedding packages)

weddings + elopements

LOCAL WEDDINGS: starting at $2400

ELOPEMENTS: starting at 400/hr 


(all travel packages are all inclusive so all you have to worry about booking is me! cool right? ALSO see bucket list location's list for discounts on select destinations!)

Capturing weddings is one thing, but capturing your growing love afterward will always make my heart smile. I offer motherhood packages ranging from the maternity session, the birth of your sweet baby, the newborn session, to your yearly small family sessions under the fall trees. 

motherhood + SMall FAmilies

i'm jealous, i want this!

MOTHERHOOD PACKAGES: starting at $425
SMALL FAMILY SESSIONS: starting at $400


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It could be! Inquire by clicking the button below and choosing a contact form so you can get in on allllll the goodness! 

you wish that was you huh ?